Reasons Why Your Bet was Cancelled by Your Sportsbook

If you are placing a wager with your online sportsbook in Singapore, then it only means that your mutual betting agreement has more integrity than if you are placing a wager via friends or relatives. However, it doesn’t mean that your sportsbook will not cancel your bet at all. 

If this situation happened to you in the past and you want to know why then you may continue reading this article that will surely explain why. 

Your Bet Goes Against the Sportsbook Regulation

Singapore sports bet has terms and conditions applied in each sporting event and it is your duty as a sports bettor to understand them all before placing your wager. Once your bet is placed, the sportsbook has the right to terminate it if your bet goes against the sportsbook regulation.

Your Sportsbook Deemed a Match as Suspicious

No sportsbook will want a suspicious match especially they gather evidence that a person who placed a wager on a specific game has gained a material advantage illegally. When this happens, they can cancel a bet anytime. 

It doesn’t happen too often during the big matches like EPL, NBA, NFL, or any other big sporting events, most of the time, this usually happens to small matches where there is only little to no rule regulation to be followed.

Your Selection is Not Available During the Match

Your sportsbook can cancel your bet when your selection is not available during the match. For an instance, you’ve placed a bet for a horse racing competition. Sometimes a horse is being pulled out to a sporting event because of injury or due to inability to achieve a satisfactory weight for the race. This is where the sportsbook will pull out your wager.

This is also the case for the other sports tournament where you are placing your bet on a certain player. Your sportsbook will also cancel your bet if a player happened to have an injury or can’t play because of various reasons.

For more information about why your bet is cancelled by your sportsbook, read this infographic by 88ProAsia and 88PROBET.



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