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Most gamblers want to play for Happy Luke India in slot machines and never lose. Thoughtless reel spins are a thing of the past: visitors to online casinos use different tactics and other techniques. It is very important that all these casino tricks are consistent with the policy of the game. For example, no one forbids the use of various strategies developed by mathematicians while playing dice and cards.

 The subtleties of the game that not everyone knows

But even the knowledge of great mathematicians and the help of higher powers when using amulets is not enough if you do not know some of the features of the game. It is important for each player to take into account that slots not only periodically give a win, but also collect all the information. Modern devices thoroughly scan:

– the amount of the deposit;

– the player’s average bet;

– the amount of lost funds;

– actions after winning or losing;

– the amount and frequency of withdrawals, and other information.

The online casino attracts the client, first giving him a solid win. This is also worth considering. After the first big win, it is recommended not to play for a while, as there is no win yet.

If we talk about the game in the long term, and not about a one-time win, then you need to take into account that there is a direct relationship between the loss of successful combinations, the amount on the account and the size of the bet.

 Optimal bet / bankroll ratio

Not everyone knows that depending on the initial amount deposited, the user’s status is formed. That is, if you make a large deposit at once, the casino will automatically enroll the user in the status of a “high roller” – a player who is ready to play for high stakes. This means that it is more profitable for the system to reward such a user, because he brings benefits. Therefore, at the beginning of your player’s career, it is better to immediately replenish your account with an amount of $ 100 or more. That is, to become a profitable player for the system.

Naturally, you need to play at the minimum bet. Practice shows that the optimal ratio of the amount on the account and the bet is 200 to 1. If the ratio is higher, then it is even better, but not less than 200: 1. That is, with 100 euros on the account, you need to bet 50 cents. Of course, there are always exceptions: an online casino can cheer up a player who has lost a large sum, but this happens much less often.

Why this happens is easy to answer. All players are divided into certain categories depending on their rates. The fund of those who make the minimum bets is much higher than those who risk large sums. This means that the winner is the one who makes more than the minimum bets. For this, and noona a large amount on the account. Such a fund is assembled very quickly: much faster than a fund of VIP players hoping for the maximum win.

 So, what do you need to win:

– a large first deposit so that the casino considers the new user a high roller, ready to spend money;

– the ratio of the bankroll to the average bet 200 to 1 or higher;

– play with certain breaks (the system encourages players who play less often).

It is important to remember that all actions of the player are controlled by the casino, but you can always turn the situation in your favor.     

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