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Things to know before gambling at a casino for the first time.

Trust me, visiting a casino is fun and if you have never visited one you are missing out a lot. But visiting and spending time inside a casino is one thing and winning placing and winning a bet is another. My first experience at a casino was really not the best and I wish I had someone to guide me. I lost huge amounts of money and I don’t want you to go through what through what I went through so here are some things you should know if you are visiting the casino for the first time.

  • Don’t play in the wide area progressive slot machines.

There usually three kinds of progressives in a casino, the single machines, the local area progressives and the wide area progressives. But the wide area progressive slot machines are some of the worst bets you can ever try out on a casino.  Yes their jackpots are huge and you can win up to 10 million dollars but the problem is that their payback percentage is low compared to the others which have 90 percent, they have 80 percent.

  • Video poker have better odds of winning.

The video pokers are more like the slot machines but the good thing about this machines is that they have a more transparent payback percentage compared to the slot machines. And if you didn’t the higher the percentage the better odds for you to win. You can even check for the video poker machine with the best odds of winning because it is something you can calculate. Do some quick research on google and you might get an idea of how to compare the video poker machines.

  • Drinks are free in the casino.

Don’t get excited, not all casinos offer free drinks but the most of the gambling destinations do offer and you have to be gambling to get the free drink. The reason the casinos offers free drinks is so that you can get drunk, cloud your judgement and place stupid bets which will make you end up losing your money (this is just my opinion) so don’t be that guy who drinks a lot, nobody likes that guy anyway. If you can’t control your drinking, you probably can’t control gambling too so you might just avoid the casinos all the same.

  • The table games have better odds than the slot machines.

The slot machines are easier to understand and play but their odds are not the very best. Learning table games like blackjack might take you a while but when you learn, you will be sure of which move to make in each situation. Even the table games that requires no experience like craps and baccarat still have better odds than the slot machines. There is one exception though, the video poker machines. This machines usually have a payback percentage of between 92 to a 100 percent!

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