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Can you still have ‘tells’ when playing online poker even though you can’t see the players’ faces?

Poker is one of the most familiar casino games and one with a long history. In the modern age, it is a game that has found great popularity with online players. Online poker is credited by many as being the reason why the internet casino industry took off, and it attracts millions of players from all over the world.

Aside from its game play and sense of drama, online poker is popular because of its accessibility. There are lots of iGaming platforms that carry this game now that are easy to find online. If you are looking for the best NJ online casino to play at, Resorts Casino is a great choice. As well as lots of poker games to try, it has a secure, easy-to-use platform with top customer support. Before you start playing though, it is wise to find out more about the game.

One thing that people often wonder is whether you can still have ‘tells’ when playing online.

Can you have ‘tells’ in online poker games?

It is easy to see why so many people ask this question – after all, you cannot see the other players’ faces when gaming online. This would seem to suggest that ‘tells’ would not be a thing for internet-based players. However, this is one of the real myths around online poker because they are in fact still key.

How is this possible? The first way that you can still give off signals for other players to pick up on is how you play the game. If you always raise big when you have a good hand, for example, people will soon notice and pick up on this as your ‘tell’. By the same token, other players online will soon notice if you only bet the minimum amount with a poor hand.

How long you take to place a bet is telling

Another way that ‘tells’ can come into online poker is simply how long you take to make your decision on what to do next and place a bet. If you always act quickly with a good hand or take a long time with a poor one, people will notice.

It can also be worth keeping an eye out for over-betting. This is simply when someone bets more than the existing pot. This usually means that they are very confident of holding a good hand and is usually a sign to proceed with caution.

‘Tells’ in online poker do exist

We have all heard of people having tic disorders in real life, and people can sometimes have physical movements they find hard to control at land-based poker tables. When it comes to online poker though, ‘tells’ are more subtle and do not include physical signals. There is a range of signals that it is possible to give off though, and this is something to be aware of. This is not only in terms of your own play, but also watching how others act at the table.

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