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Play Different Types of Rummy Games on Rummy Time Platform

Rummytime has become one of the most popular rummy gaming platforms these days. The application offers the four basic variants of rummy games – 101 Pool, 61 Pool, Deals Pool, and 201 pool games. To understand how to play these games in brief, let’s elucidate the most important information.

Important things to keep in mind when playing 101 and 201 Pool

How to Play Pool Rummy

This game is quite similar to the Points Rummy. The only difference from the other variants is players’ elimination. Let us learn more on this front.

Cards & Players: A minimum of 2 and maximum 6 players play this game using one or more than one standard deck of 52 cards, in addition to one Joker per deck. Joker cards play a critical role here. 

Dealing and Toss: Every player gets dealt 13 cards one at a time. And the random toss gets made to decide a player who makes the first move

The prime objective of this game is to focus on arranging sequences or sequences & sets and make a valid declaration. A player needs to have at least 2 sequences, of which one should be the pure sequence. And remaining cards must get arranged in sets or sequences.

To win the game, players must score as low as possible & never reach the maximum pool limit, i.e., 201 points (201 pool) or 101 points (101 pool). If you reach the limit, you are going to get eliminated, and the last one left alone will win the table.

Now, how will you play the game? While cards get dealt, the remaining cards will be placed face down on that table to form a closed deck. The top card from a closed deck will be placed face up on that table to form an open deck.

On the turn, each player has to draw one card from a closed deck or open deck. Then, they need to discard one card from that open deck. If the cards get arranged as per rules, the players can declare by discarding the fourteenth card to a finished slot. A player who meets this objective wins the game.

How to play deals pool or deals rummy?

Although the deals rummy game looks similar to the points rummy game, there are some things different in the latter one. First things first, deals rummy needs two to six players to play. And there is a predefined set of deals and chips, with every player getting chips in equal numbers right at the game’s beginning.

The prime differentiation between deals and points rummy is that in the former one, there is more than a single deal in every match & the player having the highest chip number will win at the end.

How to play rotation or 61 Pool?

Rotation is also called 61. And it’s a pool game played with the pocketed billiards table, triangular rack of fifteen balls, and cue ball. Here, the lowest numbered object ball on its table should get struck by a cue ball to attempt to pocket.

At times attractions of rotation may include performing difficult or unconventional shots to reach the right ball & often making risky attempts to secure high numbers of points by performing some advanced shots like bank shots, combination shots, as well as swerves. The prime objective is to secure the maximum points by pocketing higher-scoring balls than opponents. 

Now that you have learned about the games offered by RummyTime, it’s time to opt for RummyTime cash game download. Download the app and emerge as a victorious gamer online.

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