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Become an expert and play Rummy with the apk download

Online rummy has been enjoying a consistently growing user base in recent years. The game is available in the digital world allows players to engage with each other across the seas. Online rummy has also proven to be a great way to de-stress from work and everyday responsibilities.

People who are new to the online gaming scene have nothing to worry about. All they need to do is get rummy on their phone. Once we download the rummy app on our phones, all we need to do is learn the basic rules and certain tricks and tips which will help us be an expert in the game.

How to become an expert in rummy

  • Practice makes perfect

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and it’s true for almost everything that we do in life, including playing rummy. One of the best ways to improve our skills in rummy and become an expert is by playing regularly and practising our moves in free games.

  • Memorizing the cards

Memorizing which cards the opponents discard and pick up from the open deck is an important trick. Doing so helps us to figure out which possible sets and runs they are going for, and we’ll refrain from discarding and providing them with these very cards.

  • Arranging our hand into proper sets and runs before discarding cards

Arranging the cards, we are dealt with possible combinations of sets and runs is the first step of the game. If we avoid doing this at the very beginning, it might create a lot of confusion for us, and we might just end up discarding an important card.

  • Using the joker or wildcards to our advantage

In case we do not have the cards we need but have a joker card or a wildcard with us, we must put it to use. Joker cards and wildcards can be used as a substitute for any card which is missing in our hand, to form an impure sequence.

  • Discarding the face cards

It is advisable that we drop the face cards like Jack, King, and Queen early on in the game. Instead of holding on to them to form a sequence, it’s best to let go of these cards. If we lose, our points would be collected based on our unmatched cards, and face cards have high negative value with 10 points each. As our goal is to collect as few points as possible, face cards are risky to hold on to.

  • Bluffing our opponents by discarding low-value cards

Sometimes, it is smart to discard the low-value cards early on in the game. This might make our opponents think that we already have a great hand and might declare soon. As such, in their rush to meld their hand as soon as possible, they might just discard cards which are important to us.


If you want to rummy game download, you can do so on the rummy hub of India, Rummy Passion. Surf through their rich library of all kinds of rummy games, and keep yourselves entertained forever!

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