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Learn How to Play Poker: The Rules of Playing Poker

For winning in Poker, the first thing you need to know how to play poker. You can get information from best poker training sites and learn how to play poker if you don’t know about it. Here, in this article, you will see how the first few steps of how poker is played. Also, there are many other several ways you can learn how to play poker; you can also learn privately from a poker player who is professional.

Tutorial of Poker

Here you will see how to start playing poker.

Texas Hold’em is loved by poker players on almost everywhere across the globe. You can play it with friends, at fantastic settings of a casino, or you can play online from the comfort of your home.

So, the table as a small while disc on it, it is called the Dealer Button. So, this is the person who will virtually deal the cards to all the players playing the game. The button is going to move at a clockwise direction after each hand around the table.

You will have to have some initial money in the pot before the first card is dealt. Two players make the mandatory bets. Immediate left to the Dealer the player who will be sitting will be responsible for making the Small Blind. And next to him the player immediately sitting will be responsible for making Big Blind. Suppose, if you are playing $10/$20 stakes, then the Small Blind is going to put $10, and the Big Blind is going to put $20.

After this is done, then the cards are dealt, two cards will be dealt with each player, and the face of the cards will be down. These cards are naked as pocket cards or hole cards, and only you will be able to see them.

Betting Rounds

Betting begins in the first round. The player sitting immediately next to the Big Blind makes the first move. This person has only three options in the game, either they can call, fold or raise. So, each player in the turns will have to decide how to bet. So, the way people are sitting on a table is crucial for deciding how you are supposed to bed.

When a player folds, it means he has to throw his cards and is out of the game until the next hand begins. If you want to sit on the game, you have to make a call at least. Until the last bet is called, the betting process continues clockwise.


The showdown will take place between the ones who are still sitting in the game. In the final round, the betting begins. All the players in the game act, and then the showdown begins, and the hand has the best poker wins.

When a player throws in their cards, those Hole cards get revealed. After the showdown is over, the cards are again taken and shuffled for the next game.


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