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Impact Of Online Casino Gambling On Indonesian Residents!

Indonesia is situated in South-East Asia and is considered the 4th most populous country in the world, with a population of over 240 million. With 85% of its residents being Muslims, it is the highest Muslim populated country in the world.

Being an Islamic country, it is guided by the Sharia Law that strictly prohibits ‘Haram’ (unethical or immoral) earnings; of which, betting or gambling is one, besides wine. As such, gambling activities are currently illegal on the territory of Indonesia because of the religious and cultural issues.

You must have observed that there is a general human tendency to do more of what a person is restricted or prevented to do. This is because of the basic human need of ‘freedom’ or autonomy. This applies to the present case. Consequently, numbers of sports betting rings, underground gambling arcades have flourished in Indonesia.

A number of online casino sites of Indonesia are getting more and more responses from players around the world. The situs Judi terpercaya is one such site that has become too popular among online poker players.

It is generally accepted that harmful gambling can have crippling social and financial impacts on the players, their families and friends because it leads to a kind of addiction. Children are exposed to gambling environment when they collect betting proceeds for family members or watch adults betting and gambling.

As a result, they participate in gambling and casino visiting even before attaining the age of eighteen. Even countries issuing licenses for gambling, prohibit gambling of minors. The availability of devices such as smartphones further worsens the situation. Addictive gambling has serious social and financial impacts on the residents of Indonesia.

Being considered addictive and immoral means (Haram) of earning, every kind of gambling, such as casino games, bingo, lotteries, luck-based games and sports-betting, are illegal in Indonesia. There are no licensed brick-and-mortar casinos in Indonesia. The residents of Indonesia are not fully deprived of making an extra buck by playing online poker games.

By playing the online game moderately, the residents of Indonesia are in a position to discharge their social and financial obligations, without harming the religious or cultural environment of the country. This is probably the reason, why so many online sites have come up with lucrative gaming facilities. Many countries like Canada, most countries of European Union and in the Caribbean have made online gambling, legal.

Being an Islamic country, Indonesia has prohibited all kinds of online gambling, illegal. Never the less, the residents of Indonesia have not lagged behind in respect of availing the financial benefits and advantages of this globally increasing popular game. An estimate shows that, during the next few years, the gambling industry will generate total proceedings of $80 billion in Asia.

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