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Poker is probably one the most popular card game but in the other side of the world, particularly in Indonesia in East Asia, there’s another card game that makes gamblers crazy that it even resulted to being developed and included as one of its online casino games featured in some online casino sites, capsa stacking is becoming to be more popular because of its unique gameplay.

This game of cards has similar mechanics and gameplay like poker since every player is dealt a certain number of cards faced down. Then there is a round of betting where you can Check, Bet or Fold. This stage of the game is known as pre-flop and what you should do is dependent on those hole cards, or starting hand. However, in cara bermain capsa (capsa stacking), each player is handed with 13 cards from the deck of 52 cards.

Each player must arrange these cards into three piles, the front, middle and back. Each card must be arranged to form a combination in such way that its value will be high enough to beat your opponent during the game. You should focus more on your center or the middle pile of cards when you form the combination.  After you’ve arranged all three piles, the dealer will then compare each player’s piles. If you have a weak or wrong combination then you will lose, the winning player which has the correct combination of cards that has high value is declared the winner. Every successful combination will earn a player a point. The stronger the combination the bigger the point the player earns.

Here are some combinations that you need to keep in mind in order for you to win capsa stacking:

Combination in Capsa card arrangement:

  • Dragon / Capsa- Dragon are a Combination Card that is compiled complete Series 13 cards or Straight from the number As-K.
  • CAPSA DragonRoyal Flush / Big Playsi- Royal Flush is a Combination of Straight Flush Card or Flower Series Equals with Highest Value Card.
  • ROYAL FLUSH-Straight Flush is 5 pieces of the Series card and Blend / Same cards.
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH-4 Of A Kind is 4 different card combinations of flowers with the same number or commonly called Piting / Siki .
  • Full House / Polo- Full House / Polo are a combination of 2 cards of the same number and 3 cards of the same number.
  • FULL HOUSE Flush / Plas- Flush are a combination of 5 pieces of the same type card (flower) and the numbers may be different.
  • FLUSH straight / Series-Straight is a combination of cards that match the Order, but the flowers are not the same.
  • STRAIGHT 3 Of A Kind / Trees / Tris-3 Of A Kind is a combination of 3 pieces of cards with the same number of scores.
  • 3 OF KIND-2 Pair is Combination 2 pieces of the same card with the value of numbers.
  • 2 OF PAIRS-Pair is a combination of 2 pieces of the same card.

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