HOW GAMDOM.COM $140,000 IN A REWARD SYSTEM is a unique, trusted and the leading gaming site with CSGO gambling service. It is the best platform on which you can deposit, bet and withdraw your CS:GO skins with exciting games such as Roulette with jackpot, Crash and Tradeup. You have access to Bitcoin gambling and you can withdraw straight to your Bitcoin address. Users get some bonuses by just having the name in their steam name.  This bonus unlocks various rewards, such as up to 2X daily bonus. Gamdom attracts a large number of users with these bonuses. They give out $5,000 dailg to normal users.

Your activeness on the platform and your player level determines how much daily bonuses you receive. You have to bet a certain amount to receive the daily bonuses. If you don’t have the money to reach your daily goal, you can get it by being active on the chat or from the Rainbot. Rainbot is a unique system, only exclusive to some of the rich users and some of the owners usually put some money in this pot. The money is then given out to other users who are active in the chat.

As you can see, Gamdom has been giving out rewards to new and daily users for a long period of time and will continue.  But a number of users abused a loophole in the reward system, which costed Gamdom a loss of $140,000. So how did they lose $140,000 in the reward system?

Gamdom allowed Dota2 to be a game that verified gamdom user accounts. New users received free coins on sign up. Around four weeks later, they noticed a large number of new users as expected, which is good for a gaming site. But the number of new users was getting higher and raised suspicion. Staff from Gamdom researched and found out users, mostly from Russia and Ukraine were taking advantage of the loophole to create multiple accounts ranging between 1,000 and 1500 daily to receive the free coins.

Gamdom had to act fast and therefore increased the number of Dota2 hours required for one to qualify for the sign up bonus coins. The abusers found a way to counter this too. They now concentrated more on creating accounts and accumulating the required amount of Dota2 hours. It was worse since now there were more accounts, ranging between 10,000 and 15,000 claiming the free coins.

This was a threat to Gamdom as they would suffer massive losses. If just a small percentage of users won and withdrew, Gamdom would lose $15,000 to $20,000 daily. This was a violation of Gamdom’s terms of service and they had to take action. They terminated Dota2 verification system. Users will verify their accounts with CSGO or PUBG. Dota2 deposit and withdrawal system will not be terminated, only that users now cannot verify by Dota2. You will continue to enjoy massive bonuses from and as long as you don’t bleach their terms of service, your gaming experience is great and unique.

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