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An overview of poker gaming

Interested in playing poker? There are various websites that you can be a part of while interested in playing poker. Let’s take a look at the questionnaire below to get a complete overview of the game?

Cara menang poker online

What is poker?

This is a card game that involves maximum of nine players in a table along with a dealer. The game has a few highest hands in order to explain which is higher to the one. Popularity of the games in India and abroad makes this a most celebrated online gaming. Among all others Cara menang poker online is one such site that can help you. The dealer distributes three cards each to the number of players at the table with two community cards.

What are the hands in a poker game?

There are various hands that a poker gaming includes in it. The hands are created with best of five cards taking three from the hands and two from the open community cards. Let’s take a look at the hands of the Cara menang main poker games:

Royal Flush:

When you have all the high cards, in a chronological order and from the same suits it is the Royal flush. The order is A, K, Q, J, 10. This is a type of straight flush with the highest hand that no other hands can challenge.

Straight flush:

This occurs when the cards of the same suit are in a sequence – for example – 8, 7,6,5,4

Cara menang main poker

Four of a kind:

When you have four cards of the same rank, it forms four of a kind. For example – J hearts, J spades, J clubs and J diamond.

Full house:

When you have three of a kind and one pair in your storage it is a full house example you have there 10 from spades, clubs and diamonds and two 9 along with it is called full house.

Flush – any card of the same suit but not in sequence:  like  4s, Js, 8S, 2s and 9s.

Straight- five card in sequence but nit of same suit.

Three of a kind – When you have three cards of the same rank, it forms three of a kind. For example – J hearts, J spade and J diamond.

Two pairs: When you have two cards pairs of the same rank.

One pair: Two cards of the same rank and lastly we have

High cards: this is when you receive nothing from the other aforesaid things. You play with the high cards.

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