Who will win the 2019 World Series?

The World Series has long been the pinnacle of the baseball world. With a lot of history backing it up, it is the only thing worth winning if you play baseball. Every kid who pretends to be Babe Ruth, or these days it is more likely to be Joey Votto, will have dreamed of winning the World Series one day. So, which team will get to live out their childhood dream at the end of the 2019 season?

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox managed to become the first team to win a world series exactly 100 years apart. They won both the 1918 and 2018 world series, which set an interesting record. Do they have a chance to retain though? Although their roster is still stacked with incredible talent like Betts and Martinez, they could still lose an educated player in Kimbrel in the postseason. There are two main sides who are in with a great chance of winning the 2019 World Series and the Red Sox is one of them.

Houston Astros

Most NJ Online Sportsbooks have the Astros down as the favorites to win the World Series this year. After winning the World Series in 2017 the Astros struggled slightly last year to match their previous year’s performance. However, with the addition of Brantley in postseason, as well as the incredible talent they already had on their roster, 2019 should be the year that the Astros take back the World Series.

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