Smart Gambling With the Slots Now Easier

In the vastness of the Internet, anyone can find many tips on how to trick the slot machines. However, one must understand that none of the proposed strategies is 100% effective and does not guarantee success. Online casinos thus assign a bet size and organize a payout system to always have at least a minimal advantage over the players. And this is absolutely logical. With an infinitely long game, online casinos (as well as real ones) always win. Thus, a player can only beat a casino in the short term. The proposed free arcade secrets just allow users to get advantage over an online casino for a short distance. However, if you play for slot machines for too long, the player will necessarily lose, even though he is completely confident that he knows how to deceive machine guns.

The next Trap

Another trap, lying in wait for those who want to learn the secrets of slot machines, is selling tips with an absolute guarantee of winning. In this case, only the seller of such “advice” wins. Free secrets of slot machines are absolutely the same as their expensive options. Here are some general secrets of slot machines for free. With free slots no download or reg playing the games is much effective.

So, how to trick the gaming machines?

The fact is that any slot has its own game program and a special algorithm. For example, it often happens this way: as soon as the player reduces the number of active pay lines to one, the big prize combinations immediately begin to fall out on the machine, but, naturally, not on the remaining active line. Also occurs after lowering rates on lines. It seems that the device simply mocks the player, doing such “fraud”. However, this is not an accident. Gambling machines are intentionally programmed in such a way as to encourage users to play with the maximum bets and on the maximum number of lines.

How in this situation should you behave to the player?

The secret is to start the game on the maximum number of pay lines. The size of the bet must be average – not in any way minimal, but not the largest. Ideally, the bet is the second largest of all possible for a specific slot. At this bet, 10-12 spins are played, while the number of lines also remains the original.

Abrupt proceeding on the game

Now you need to move abruptly to the game on one line with the minimum bet size. And play in this way until the expensive combination drops out on inactive lines. Of course, this combination will not bring the win, because it will fall on the line without a bet. However, this move is necessary for obtaining a large sum in the future. After the loss of a large prize combination , you should continue the game with a minimum bet on a single line and start counting your backs. Suppose, on the fifth rotation of the drums on an “empty” line again, an expensive combination again fell out. Now with the free slots no download or reg you will be able to have a grand game. Then you need to make four more spins with the same bet, and before the fifth rotation make the maximum bet immediately on all lines.

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