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Is online Poker Rigged or is it real?

It doesn’t matter if you are a serious poker player or just play it for entertainment and fun, but you always want it to be a fair game. You still want to know beforehand that if the website is a cheat or it’s a safe and secure site.

The truth is that if you visit forums after forums or articles after articles have been written on it and these questions always pop up, and the replies from them will be that the person who loses complains about these things. The person complains about being cheated, or the site is rigged, but the winners are always happy, they don’t complain. The most important thing to remember is that any websites like Judi Poker Online Indonesia if a third party scrutinized them, they are all legitimate.

So, is it a myth that online poker is rigged?

To ask the question is the poker game site is rigged doesn’t make the player unjustified, as it is his right to ask such question. He is the one putting money into the game and collections of so many such players make a site run. So, is he right? No, he isn’t right, but his question is justified. You ask such questions when you are serious about the games. But the truth is that the games and sites don’t cheat, or they are not rigged. There were instances in the past that some employees did hack into the system and flew away a lot of finance. The truth is that the poker companies who run those websites paid very dearly for the criminal actions of their part employees, but for a site to cheat the players is impossible for the regulation that is in place for online casinos.

If you ask pros of poker players online, a significant section of the pros is going to answer that the websites are not rigged. They will tell you that players who had low finance and couldn’t digest that they lost always say that kind of things. It is better for them to learn and practice a little bit more to jump into the game. Websites like Judi Poker are very authentic websites.

One should know that if a site owner tries to cheat, it will be more lose than benefit for them. And there would be two dangers they would open up for them if they cheat, one is that they are killing their professionalism by themselves, and two is that they are going to be in big trouble from the law point of view and they have to keep on absconding whole their life.


Websites operating poker games or casinos are very authentic sites, and they aren’t rigging or cheating anyone. If you are good at the game, you going to win. Just don’t hurry, learn the game and know its strategies before jumping in it.


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