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One of the joys of horse racing, at least for those of us of an intellectual bent, is handicapping. You consult the Daily Racing Form past performances, and you figure out which of the horses is likely to prove fastest, or at least the least slow, in a particular race.Naturally, there is far more to this challenging aspect of the game, which the late author Tom Ainslie called a “mental gymnasium,” but we want to reduce the systematic appraisal of horses’ records to its simplest and quickest form.

What we consider?

For us, handicapping consists of discarding no contenders, then deciding which of the surviving runners, or contenders, merits a bet. We don’t bother with maiden-claimers; claimers; starter allowances, and other confusing, low-level rubbish. We only consider the following for wagers: Maiden-special-weight events; allowances; allowances/optional-claimers, and stakes. Be assured this prohibition against betting on the cheaper races is more than snobbery on our part. We want to bet on only the better-class of horses because they tend to be the most consistent and kindest to the bankroll.

Handicapping in an intellectual puzzle

To be a good handicapper you must have good intuitions and it is not easy for all. Many people enjoy handicapping because it is a good way of chess. As we say we can prove it. Our experts has great way of intuitions and predictions for your wining.It is important to note that the handicapper has the right to refuse to give a horse handicap mark. If a horse has finished tailed off in its first three starts, it’s impossible for the handicapper to come to a fair assessment of the horses ability. In all cases, the handicapper gives a horse a rating based on the best form it’s shown to date.Horses that don’t have an official rating, cannot race in handicap Company. You will never receive horses that have raced twice without winning or first time out horses in handicaps.

Enjoy with us and get success

Whatever you do, enjoy this wonderful sport that engages both mind and emotions. TVG Horse Racing has delighted in it for decades, ever since our father took us to Saratoga for opening day of the season and we were deluged by rain like we had not seen before or since — rain that did nothing to spoil the fun of the day and nothing to halt our growing love of the game.

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