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A Closer Look at Over Under in Sports

Over Under in Sports is a great way to bet on your favorite game without taking sides.

Over/Under Bet at FUN88 means you only care about the match’s total number of goals scored.

Thailand’s legit sportsbook provider,
FUN88, will specify the odds of the ball for you.

It is then your call to wager on over or under to collect gigantic sports betting wins.

Over/Under (O/U) is a good option if you want an edge against the sportsbook.

These bets are chosen when you have a prediction about the flow of the game.

If you believe the teams are going to score a lot of points, bet on Over.

But if you think the teams will both shut down offenses, better to wager on Under.

How to Easily Place Over Under Bet at FUN88

Over Under in Sports is particularly popular in Football/Soccer, a worldwide sports favorite.

Try your luck on competitive odds and place an Over/Under bet at FUN88. Here’s how:

〉Visit the official FUN88 website

Use a mobile, PC, or tablet and click Register Now if you are not yet a FUN88 member.

Otherwise, feel free to Sign in using your approved FUN88 account credentials.

〉Go for Sports

Over/Under Bet at FUN88 comes in choices – SABA Sports, Sports IM, CMD Sports, and BTI Sports.

Select the sports arena you prefer and choose Soccer.

To start betting over/under, make an initial deposit and claim a 200% Sports Welcome Bonus.

〉Look for O/U

Find O/U, choose a match, start placing your bet, and enjoy the game.

To make betting clearer, here’s an Over Under bet example:

In Over/Under, you need to guess the total goals of the two teams. Will it be more or less than the number set by the bookie?

FT here means Full Time or 90 minutes (2 x 45 minutes).

In the event of extra time for a penalty shootout, the goal that will be scored will not be counted.

Over bet is the option at the top while below with the letter ‘u’ beside it is the Under bet.

In the game between Central Cordoba and San Lorenzo, do not choose a team but instead predict:

→Goal total will be Over 1.5 with Odds 0.8

→Goal Total will be Under 1.5 with Odds 1.11

→A Draw or No Goal made by the two teams (0-0)

A great tip to follow is to avoid betting on Draw. There are no Odds available for Draw.

If you bet on it, the Bookie will only return your wager.

Say the Central Cordoba and San Lorenzo game ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of Central Cordoba.

The total goal is 1. If you bet on Under 1.5 with the 1.11 Odds, you win the bet. As you see, 1 is under 1.5.

Here is a breakdown of how to calculate your winnings for a $10 bet amount:

(10 x 1.11) + 10= $21.1 (payout)

Excellent Assistance for Making Over Under Bet at FUN88

FUN88 is an excellent sportsbook destination if you are still a newbie in online betting.

Be it registration, withdrawal, deposit, or even additional Over Under bet example; FUN88’s got you.

You can rely on 24/7 expert customer care that will guide you through your online gaming adventure.

Professional answers are ready when you connect to FUN88 via phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, and email.

If you prefer a more prompt and real-time solution, click on the headset icon for Live Chat access.

Change Up Your Gambling with FUN88 Over Under in Sports

Over Under in Sports always leaves punters on a high with an amazing betting experience.

When it comes to wagering on over/under, anyone can win and receive easy and quick profits.

The ball is round and you’ll never know the winning points until the end of the game.

Register at FUN88  then pick and mix up your sports betting by leveraging its over/under offering.

Additionally, you can also try other Sports, Casino, eSports, Slots, and so much more!

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