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Teen Patti: One most popular card game in the casino world

Teen Patti is a popular card game in the casino world. It has many similarities to poker but not exactly like that game. This type of game is played in a group and the group consists of 3 to 6 persons. In this game, 52 cards are used without jokers in which each of the players of the game deals with the three cards faces down. This Malaysia online casino game is started by placing a bet of a fixed amount before the card is distributed. Once the bet is placed by the players and everyone collects the amount of the boot each of the players deals with three cards faces down. When the player and the dealers deal with three cards the player either needs to make a call or a raise.

Rules to play the game Teem Patti

In Teen Patti the Aces has the highest rank with 2 other cards as the lowest. The main aim of the game is to have the top 3 card hands and the pot to be increased before the end of the game. The ranking of the game should be from the highest to the lowest. The following are the rank of Teen Patti:

  • Trail or Set: In this set, three cards are of the same rank.
  • Pure Sequence or the Straight Flush: In this set, there will be three consecutive cards from the same suit.
  • Sequence: In this set, there will be three consecutive cards but all these cards are not from the same suit.
  • Color: In this set, three cards are of the same suit which is not in any sequence.
  • Pair: In this set, two cards are of the same rank. The card is in between two pairs and the player who got the highest value will be the winner. But if the card has the same value the kicker’s card will decide who will be the winner.

In this game, you can become either a seen player or a blind player. A blind player is he who cannot see his card but can play pack, blind, and show in case it is available. If you want to play blind you have to put the bet amount in the pot. Again the bet amount should be either equal to or twice the current stake. However, for the first player, the current stake amount is either equal to the boot amount or twice of it. For the seen player there are various options like chaal, pack, etc. When he will the card he has to give chaal.  Moreover, he can ask for sideshow with the help of which he can compare the card of the previous player.

This is how you can play the most popular casino game Teen Patti both online as well as offline. But while playing online make sure that you are opening an authenticated sites like Dafabet. In this type of site, there is no risk of scam and thus your money is totally saved in such sites

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