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What is a Prop Bet?

A prop bet, or proposition bet, allows bettors to wager on specific events within a game and isn’t tied to a final score or game outcome. Sportsbooks offer hundreds of prop bets, such as which team will reach 20 points first in basketball, and many more. They add additional action to a game and are often easier to beat than point spreads. 

Where can I bet props?

You can bet props at any legal sportsbook. For instance, Parx Sportsbook in Pennsylvania is a legal sportsbook that offers USA online betting. Props are typically presented as moneylines, and they cover a wide range of in-game events, including individual player performance and much more. Betting props on games like basketball, football or baseball is a way to stay more engaged in games if you don’t want to just root for a team. 

Prop bet types

Prop bets typically come in three different categories: player props, game props, and novelty props. 

Player props: A player prop is any bet that pertains to player statistics or outcomes. Max Scherzer over or under 8 strikeouts is a player prop. Strikeouts by the starting pitcher are available for just about every regular season game. In big games, like the Super Bowl, there are more prop player markets on offer, such as “who will catch the first pass of the game?” or “who will score the first two touchdowns?” 

Game props: There are hundreds of game props for sports competitions like the Super Bowl, for example, “Which team will score first?” or “Which team will get to 10 points first?”

Novelty props: Novelty props give you the chance to enjoy yourself by betting on what takes place on the periphery of a big game like the Super Bowl. You can bet on things like which team will win the coin toss, which color shirt a coach will wear etc. 

Why bet props?

Playing online slot machines is great fun, but you are more like to win by betting props. All it takes is a little math to get the better of many prop markets. For example, oddsmakers use historical data and current form to determine that LeBron James is likely to have between 8 to 9 assists per game. You can wage on him going over or under that number. Betting limits are low for props, and by specializing in a certain prop, the sportsbook is unlikely to get hundreds of lines as accurate as you can get one or two.

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