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The Future of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown since its beginning. People spend a great deal of time on social media. While they are at it, they learn from the lifestyle of celebrities (especially musicians, actors, etc.). 2021 was an excellent year for most industries including ranking kasyn online. For instance, 46% of labels on Instagram engaged influencers for product mentions and hashtag advertisements. And 2020 was even better. The initial prediction was that Instagram promotion worldwide would shoot from $5.095 billion to $5.86 billion in 2021. And in 2019, the figure was $5.24 billion. And it is not surprising since more than half of the global promoters use influencers to publicize their brand.

What predictions are available for 2022 influencer marketing?

According to Tinuiti, there will be a 17% increase of marketers (paid and free) who use influencers between 2019 and 2022. But that’s not all you should anticipate. What’s more? The preference for influencer marketing will increase significantly in the coming months. And it is because over half of brand customers globally spend a great deal of their time on social media. They don’t want to miss out on the latest trend, gist, etc. Covid-19 only served as a blessing in disguise for most influencers as brands saw the need to intensify their online presence. The truth is that influencer marketing is going nowhere soon.

Facebook posts have always had a significant impact on what people buy. And it looks like the future will be bright for influencers on Facebook. A recent study shows that 52% of shoppers will likely buy from a brand they follow on social media. The fashion enterprise will profit more from influencer marketing. The sporting and electronics industry will also benefit. Beauty brands prefer influencer marketing to other forms of digital marketing because many of their prospects make up the fan base of their followers. The truth is that celebrities influence the purchasing decisions of their fans.

Celebrities (influencers) on Youtube and Tiktok engage 90% of their customers weekly. No wonder the demand for these influencers has grown recently. Influencer marketing works best when the brand is in the same niche as the influencer they are interested in. Hence 75% are selective about brands they accept for promotion. But is that all? Hardly!

In the earliest days, bloggers enjoyed exclusive access to affiliate marketing promotions. All they needed to do was create content targeting their links. And they make it as non-promotional as possible. The ‘how-to’ content and other valuable informational content are simple marketing strategies. These days, the game has changed. With extreme growth in their fan base, influencers now add affiliate links to their videos on YouTube, Instagram posts, etc.

Another trend that is making waves is the use of videos. Influencers and their platforms have found that it is a lot more engaging than texts. Finally, paid advertising is faster in sales generation than organic search for the post. Influencers will most likely engage in this form of advertisement.

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