Signs that you are bad poker player

Poker is a game of the patient and those that are willing to learn from their mistakes. You can’t just wake up one day and become a dollar millionaire by playing one or a few games. You have to get the online poker site right, choose a reliable one like 918kiss and then adopt the right attitude toward the game. In today’s poker games, fish have become scarce and therefore one must up their game. You must learn how to identify weak players as you move up the limits.

There are things that will outwardly show that you are a bad poker player


Any serious poker player knows that one of the worst mistakes they can do is limping. When you have the initiative at hand, it’s much more of a positive expected value in every spot and therefore limping is a clear indication that you are such a bad poker player.  

When you post a blind out of position

Another dead tell of a weak player is when they can’t wait for the big blind before posting theirs. Poker is a game where you can think of every session as a continuation of the previous one. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for blinds than you ought to. This would be like choosing to pay your taxes twice something that no one in their right state of mind will do. If there are obviously weaker players at the table, some regs may post in the CO. However, anyone who posts their blinds from any other position, it is definite that they are a bad player.

A bad poker player buys in for less than a hundred dollars

A few years ago, most reliable online poker sites like 918kiss company Malaysia did away with buying for small amounts on the regular ring game tables. Thus, there is no reason for you to play with less than a hundred stacks. You will know bad poker players by the bizarre amounts. For instance, if you see someone buy a table with $8, it is clear that it is all the money they have and therefore evidence of poor bankroll management.

Underbetting post-flop

If someone is betting a quarter of their pot, or less, then it clearly shows that they are weak. Any good player will never do that because it leaves the other players with no incentive to fold and clear odds to call any draw. A serious player will always ensure that they bet with at least half of the pots in whatever circumstances.

A witty online player will always ensure that they make the right moves. You have to be deliberate on the table you choose. The amount you invest in any game and your moves in any game will clearly show the kind of a player you are.

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