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Marked Cards: The Cheat Cards Of Poker Players

The world of poker players is getting much bigger nowadays due to the continually growing numbers of players joining. Players are looking for ways on how to win a poker game. For the cheaters, instead of taking time for honing their skills in the game, they prefer mastering the cheating skill. Some players learned to mark cards, the way to help them for winning the game.

The cheaters’ secret revealed!

Marked cards may be unnoticeable or obvious, it depends on the cheater’s skill level. Oftentimes, the dealers are using their deck of cards. Plenty of cheaters learned to mark their cards that are used during the game. Cheaters usually buy luminous marked cards at low prices. So, it is easy for them to play the game without making a DIY marking on the cards. The cheaters’ card markings make small changes on the back face of the cards. These changes may be the following:

Alt: marked cards with luminous marks

  • Scratches
  • Change in card’s design
  • Bend in any part of the card’s corner

Marking the cards will give the cheaters an advantage with their gameplay. They mark all the high cards as well as the card they think vital to the game. Cheaters are using their preferred markings, which is shading. Very fine ink is used for changing the back part of the card where the design can hide or make the marking unnoticeable. The marking will be done by the cheaters to make it precise. Once it is done precisely, the marking will be unnoticeable. However, cheaters who don’t want to get disturbed would choose to buy marked cards at Another technique that has been used by many cheaters is daubing. Cheaters used a small dauber and ink for daubing. The cheat is done at the back of the card, which the ink is invisible. To make it visible to the eyes, special sunglasses must be worn to see the markings. Corner crimping is another technique used by the cheaters, which marking of cards is also done. The card that the player wants to mark will be moved away to the other cards and with the use of pointer finger or thumb, the corner of the card is bent slightly. During the game, the player can easily spot the card due to its marking. Some cheaters would deal with the card by shuffling it and the corners are crimped.

All these cheating methods are used by the cheaters. They usually provide the card or do the markings to cheat during the game. However, some wise cheaters would not do the same. Instead, they prefer to buy invisible marked cards for the gameplay. With this, the idea is safer and cheaters can easily do their objective, to win the game. The fact that many players are veterans into cheating, then not all players can be cheated. Some of them are very attentive and so much watchful, which is uneasy to get cheated. But, once you feel that the players you play against are not that veterans into cheating, then marked cards would surely work best.

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