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How to bet for tennis doubles?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports and has a number of professional players. Winning the tennis betting odds completely depends on your knowledge about the players playing the game. Does this mean betting odds are also necessary for doubles’ games? Read on to find out you can maximize your winnings when betting on tennis doubles games.


Whenever you bet on a tennis game, you get an opportunity to win handsomely. No one can say for sure that your chances of winning while betting on tennis are 100%. However, you can improve your chances of winning if you ensure you are well-informed about the game, rules, and individual players. Also, you need to be well aware about the betting rules.

Double betting strategy

Betting on tennis doubles is not as popular as singles’ match. Hence, many bettors avoid it. But this can work to your advantage. You will not be competing with too many other bettors to maximize your winnings, and this is always a preferable situation to be in.

In doubles tennis betting, you need to be aware of the tennis betting odds that different bookmakers offer. Usually, the odds favour the favourites, but you don’t have to follow the herd. Rather, you should check the bet value carefully to ascertain whether you should take the odds that the bookmaker is offering. If not, move on to the next bookmaker and check the bet value and the odds. You should know when to back the favourites and when to bet against them. That is the key in tennis doubles betting.

Here are some things that you need to be aware of while betting in doubles matches:

Rankings: Rankings play a major role in doubles’ matches. Usually, a higher ranked duo will win the match against a lower ranked pair. Check the ranking carefully. It has a role to play in doubles. Check individual player’s ranking as well as the team’s. This will give you an idea about the odds of the team winning a match.

Teams: Some players play doubles with the same partner for the entire tennis season. Other players may change partners due to varied reasons, like injury or unavailability of the partner. Hence, before the event begins, check out the WTA and ATP rankings of doubles’ players to evaluate the teams, each player’s form, and recent performance to decide how to bet on doubles tennis.

Tennis Betting Odds: Check the bookmaker’s favourites. Usually, it will be the dominant pair. In tennis doubles betting, it is best to opt for the dominant pair, as past precedence shows that the more dominant team usually wins. Favourites are normally winners and if your favourites win consistently, you will have a high success rate.

Your winning strategy

Keep a track of the teams. You can easily identify favourites as bookmakers will do the hard work for you. However, keep track of their form and performance. If there is something amiss with their form, fitness or performance, it is time to forget about the favourites and throw your lot with the underdogs. Basically, you should know when to back a favourite duo and when to bet on the weaker pair.

Check each pair for details, such as fatigue, injuries, and experience of playing together. Getting into the details about each pair will improve your chances of winning when you bet on tennis doubles games.


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