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By now, most of you should know that SCR888 Online Casino is now name 918KISS Online Casino. Recently there was another update and the company has just recently launched a new version of the 918KISS app. It is the 918KISS 2.0 app and many ask what the benefits is of getting this new version.

Recommended games

They recommend some of the top games to try out at this new casino version. You might even get some slot winning tip in any of the articles written about the 918KISSOnline Casino. If you have not registered for an account, you should register quickly.


For any of you who want to download this new app, you go to 918KISS app. Keep in mind that to only use the official download site. The 918KISS 2.0 app support Apple smartphone and Android users. The 918KISS APK is the Android smart phone users and the 918KISS iOS is for the Apple users of the smartphone.

New version

There are a lot of advantages to getting the 2.0 version with some key ones. First there are new games installed in the new 2.0 version. Some people have had some trouble installing the new games.


On advantage is you having easier access to gaming whenever or wherever you go. Secondly, there is flexibility during your session of gaming. Next, it is very convenient to register and download and there are guides that are provided. Also, there are no errors on everything as monitored and recorded, so the payouts will be paid out if you are disconnected.


Next, the sound effects and graphics are top quality because of this latest upgrade. Then, there are few chances of being disconnected. There are also higher rates of winning due to the latest update. Also, before you start playing, make sure you have registered for an account as when you first start there are lots of bonuses that you won’t get if you are not registered for one of their accounts.

And remember that this new update is available for both types of smartphones to download.

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