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Best Real Money Online Pokies

‘Pokies’ is a term commonly used in Australia and New Zealand to describe slot games. There are multiple real money online pokies available in the two countries but the popular ones are the multi-payline machines and the 5-reel. Both kinds of these games are offered to new players with a lot of bonuses as well.

The best real money online pokies have become very popular among the people of these two countries for obvious reasons including great convenience and the amazing variety of games that are available to play.

Some of the large companies that design and manufacture these machines including Ainsworth, IGT, and Aristocrat also create some amazingly interesting games. The software applications for these machines and games are handled by established companies such as Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming. Visit to know more.

Features and benefits of real money online pokies:

Real money online pokies deliver some great benefits to casino users and gamblers including:

Great convenience – As long as you have a computing device and an internet connection, you will be able to play online pokies anywhere, anytime. There is no restriction on the place and time you can choose to play games on your favorite pokies site. A quick pokies game during your lunch break at office can be quite a de-stressing affair.

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Ease of payments and receipts – Without the hassles of having to carry cash, you can simply opt any online payment option to make and receive payments to and from the casino. These easy payment options include PayPal, credit or debit cards, internet banking, and more.

Bitcoin slots

Bitcoin slots are gaining in popularity owing to multiple benefits including but not limited to offer of anonymity to the user, ease of use, verifiable games, and transparent payments. Bitcoin slots also offer a variety of bonuses for new and existing players.

It makes sense to know about the advantages of using bitcoins if you are planning to play bitcoin slots. So here goes.

Advantages of bitcoins

Fast transaction turnarounds – Unlike traditional fiat currency transactions which can take days or weeks or, sometimes, longer too, bitcoins offer fast transaction turnarounds. Bitcoin transactions are usually processed within hours.

Provably fair games – Bitcoin casinos offer provably fair games and you can rest assured you are not being cheated.

Bitcoins are off the grid – As bitcoins are still new in the market, legislations in most countries are rudimentary, even if they do exist. So, games that restricted on fiat currencies can be played through the use of bitcoins.

Transparent payments – As all the transactions are available in a public ledger, it is very easy for anyone to check and confirm the validity of a transaction and hence, payments are very transparent leading to almost nil disputes.

Very low processing costs – As everything is public and open with no control by centralized banks, payment processing are very low.

Excess funds are safe – As excess funds are kept in wallets that are accessible only by the owner of the wallets, they are quite safe.

Low minimum deposit amounts – Most of the bitcoin casinos allow you to start with very low deposit amounts, usually 0.001 BTC (bitcoin).

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